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No. Product Name CAS #
H00021 Boc-Leu-(@)-[2-chloro-Z])-Leu-OH  
H00022 Boc-Leu-(@)-Phe-OH  
H00023 Boc-Leu-(@)-Val-OH 82252-39-9 
H00024 Boc-Phe-(@)-[2-chloro-Z])-Phe-OH  
H00025 Boc-Phe-(@)-[2-chloro-Z])-Val-OH  
H00026 Boc-Phe-(@)-Phe-OH 114290-82-3 
H00027 Boc-Phe-(@)-Val-OH 137828-53-6 
H00028 Human CMV Assemblin Protease Inhibitor  
H00029 H-Cys-(@)-Val-(@)-Phe-Met-OH 149759-96-6 
H00030 (Deamino-Phe19,D-Ala24,D-Pro26-()-Phe27)-GRP (19-27) (human, porcine, canine) 142061-53-8 
H00031 (N-Me-D-Phe6,D-Trp7,9,Leu10-(a)-Leu11)-Substance P (6-11)  
H00032 Pyr-His-Trp-Ser-Tyr-D-Ser(tBu)-Leu-Arg-Pro-Azagly-NH2 145781-92-6 
H00033 (D-Arg6,Azagly10)-LHRH II (human, chicken) 335380-72-8 
H00034 (D-Tyr5,D-Ser(tBu)6,Azagly10)-LHRH  
H00035 (D-Ser(tBu)6,D-Leu7,Azagly10)-LHRH  
H00036 (D-His2)-Goserelin  
H00037 (D-Ser4)-Goserelin  
H00038 (D-Ser6,Azagly10)-LHRH 65807-03-6 
H00039 Z-Arg-Leu-Val-Azagly-Ile-Val-OMe 464883-21-4 
H00040 Ethoxycarbonyl-Met-Leu-Phe-OMe  
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