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  Synthetic Chemistry based on peptides
Bioactive peptides has generated a rich source of pharmacophores from which medicinal chemists are developing new useful therapeutic drugs. After binding to an enzyme, or a membrane receptor, peptide-based inhibitors,neuotransmitters, immunomodulators, and hormones influence cell-to-cell communications and control a variety of vital functions such as metabolism, immune defense,digestion,respiration,sensitivity to pain, reproducation,and behavior.Peptidomemics have found wide application as biostable, bioavailable, and often protent surrogates of naturally occouring peptides.Alabiochem can meet your synthesis needs in the following areas:
•Peptides containing proline analogues Proline analogues, Aziriding-2-carboxylic acids, Azetidine-2-carboxylic acids,Azaproline,Pipecolic acids
•Asymmetric epoxide ring opening
•Asymmetric Aziridine ring opening
•Peptides containing substituted Cysteine
•Receptors and Devices Crown ether peptides,Cyclodextrin peptides, Porphyin peptides,Tryptathionine peptides
•Peptides containing seleno amino acids
•Peptides Aromatic Heterocycles •Ppetide nucleic acid
•Glycopeptide GlaNAc,N-Linked beta-GlcNAc